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What you should know

I am a musican; where can I buy Schaller-products?

1. Schaller Shop (please see button "Shop" at our website/frontpage)
2. Specialist dealer
3. Wholesaler (see under contact/... » more

I build guitars; where can I buy Schaller products?

Through any specialist dealer who can order any product from our wholesalers on demand. Starting from a certain minimum order quantity, we will del... » more

How long will I have to wait for my Schaller products?

In most cases, no longer than a week, and at most one month. Our wholesalers usually have everything in stock or will order from us for you. » more

Which Schaller products will fit my guitar?

Please use our technical drawings, on which all installation sizes can be found and then compared with your guitar. » more

Machine heads in a 5/1 or 4/2 or 6right for lefty guitars?

For the sake of clarity, we have only illustrated the standard layouts. Naturally, every other combination (5/1, 4/2,…, 0/6 etc.) can also be order... » more