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65 Years of Excellence

                          Welcome to Schaller

Dear Friends in Music!Headplate Amberger I

Schaller’s products and innovations have been – and still are – the driving force in the development and perfection of musical instrument hardware. Whether it’s machine heads, tremolos, strap locks, pickups or accessories, no other company combines the same wealth of expertise, and such a great number of world firsts and patents, with such an illustrious clientele as Schaller.



Fender, Paul Reed Smith, Gibson, C.F.Martin, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Ernie Ball, Taylor, Yamaha, Charvel, Steinberger, Jackson, G & L, Epiphone, Squier, ESP, Lakewood, Spector, Tobias, Alembic, Tacoma, Hamer, Warwick, Shecter, Framus, VGS, LAG, Suhr, Godin, Hagstrom, Santa Cruz, Lowden, Guild, Kramer, Washburn, Hopf, Music Man, Tom Anderson, B.C.Rich, Breedlove, Carvin, Hoyer, Heritage, Takamine ...


Amberger IVThe Stratocaster as we know it today, but without a tremolo? Unthinkable. The Les Paul without the Tune-O-Matic bridge? The development of the double locking tremolo? Fully-enclosed machine heads? Locking tuners? The world of guitars would not be the same without Schaller. Tuning stability and handling, reliability and long life, ergonomic design – that’s what "Made by Schaller" means. This is accompanied by a constant flow of innovations such as ruthenium finishes, the Schaller "Hannes" bridge and the Sure Claw system.


Are we proud of all this? Of course we are.
                                    Are we going to rest on our laurels? Of course we’re not.

Amberger II


Resting on our laurels has never been on the agenda for Schaller. What started in a lowly workshop after the war and was patiently developed as a retail business eventually gave rise to a company which is now a worldwide market leader. An essential part of this success story is the fact that Schaller is – as it was back then – an owner-managed company with 100% of its production "Made in Germany".


The company has newly adopted a system of three "pillars" into its business culture: quality, innovation and service.
While quality and innovation have always been the focus – and in a certain way a matter of course for the Schaller brand – the increasing significance of service, i.e. dialog with the customer and their desires and needs, is also a decisive factor in the way the company works.

This is profoundly evident in the new website, The effort invested – not to mention the ambition – to offer something exceptional to Schaller customers and fans alike, was and still is enormous. All products are described in minute detail, with instructions, technical drawings, technical specifications and high-quality images. We don’t want anything to remain unclear, or leave any questions unanswered. Of course, visiting Schaller, browsing through the pages, reading up on Schaller and surfing around the site should also be fun.


Amberger IIIThe effort we are putting into this is unparalleled, but it simply shows how dedicated we are to making sure that Schaller stays where it is – as the number one brand on the market – by maintaining that closeness to our fans and customers.

We at Schaller are the original innovators, and have molded and shaped the development of guitar hardware like no other company. This slogan also serves as a reminder to us not to rest on our laurels. There are many imitators – and of course the accompanying debate over prices. However, as the saying goes, "Quality is measured over time".

Amberger IVWhen we offer our Extended Schaller Warranty to our customers we are fully aware that our products are made with high-quality coatings, permanently lubricated enclosures, that our patents have been tried and tested and that everything stands up to the rigors of everyday use. All of this, together with our determination to constantly do what has to be done in order to protect the environment, makes us feel we’re doing the right thing – for Schaller’s future, for our employees and for our customers.

"Hi-tech when the product needs it, craftsmanship when machines don’t have the soul required". The lively combination of innovation and tradition is just as typical of Schaller as ambition, inquisitiveness and the desire to make its products better – no matter how perfect they already seem to be. Schaller’s unique combination of hi-tech facilities and a highly qualified team of employees, together with its close contact with traders, musicians, guitar fanatics and fans, help us to bring new incentives into our development processes, to set trends and to consistently expand on our superior wealth of experience.

       Welcome to Schaller

We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours with kind regards,

Dr. Lars Bünning
Managing Director - Owner

Dr. Lars Bünning, Managing Director and Owner of Schaller