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For more than 60 years, Schaller has had regular discussions and exchanges of ideas with guitar producers, dealers, and of course with musicians from all over the world. This resulted in numerous good ideas that have meanwhile become a standard on every guitar.

We are in touch with numerous professional artists from all over the world - this way we're able to keep track of the developments, helping us to continue to further improve our products. Here we introduce some of the musicians with profiles, pictures, musical styles and interesting links.


Paul Crook

Lead Guitarist for Meat Loaf

Paul Crook, Lead Guitarist for Meat LoafPaul Crook (born February 12, 1966 in Plainfield, New Jersey) is an American guitarist currently recording and performing with Meat Loaf. He has also recorded and toured with Anthrax, Sebastian Bach and Marya Roxx.

Meat Loaf, is an American hard rock musician and actor. He is noted for the Bat Out of Hell album trilogy consisting of Bat Out of Hell, Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell and Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose. Bat Out of Hell has sold more than 43 million copies. After more than 30 years, it still sells an estimated 200,000 copies annually and stayed on the charts for over nine years, making it one of the best selling albums of all time.


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Schaller Artist VajaSchaller Artist Vaja

Rock and melodic from California

Vaja's unique style elevates her into a category of her own. She combines Alternative Rock with melodic hooks that capture the timeless essence of her music.

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Tommy Denander

Tommy DenanderOne of the most sought-after and successful session guitarists of our time, with more than 1,300 albums, over 1,800 songs composed and more than 30 gold and platinum records, 4 Grammy nominations and many, many other distinctions besides.

So it's high time for a "Tommy Denander" signature guitar. Close collaboration between GEWA, with its highly-regarded, high-quality VGS "Visions in Guitars" brand, and Schaller, the world's leading manufacturer of hardware components, produced this jewel - the VGS Radioactive TD-1. Check out "Schaller Endorser Tommy Denander" in the News section for the full story.

Tommy Denander chose a combination of the Schaller Low Profile tremolo and Schaller M6 Mini Locking machine heads. All his Schaller guitar parts feature the magnificent new Ruthenium finish (go to "Ruthenium" in the News area for more).

Read Tommy Denander's extraordinary biography here:



Paul Di Leo

Paul Di LeoPaul Di Leo current news:

Read what Paul just wrote to us:

Hello Lars,

I just wanted to stop by and say hello and hope all is going well…

For me, I ‘ve been on tour since March 12th with NENA and I just got home today for a 9 day break… Boy do I need it…

Her is a little update …

NENA “ Made in Germany” album went GOLD in April and now its on its way to platinum.

That will be my third GOLD and PLATINUM record with her.. amazing : - )

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Mr. Guitar Billy Dee

Mr. Guitar & the Rockin FlavoursMr. GUITAR & the Rockin' Flavours, eine Band voller Elan und dem Spirit des guten alten Rock'n'Roll verpflichtet, kommt aus Regensburg in der Oberpfalz. Sie sind damit quasi Nachbarn von Schaller und so ist es uns eine besondere Freude, mit dieser hochtalentierten Band sehr eng zusammenzuarbeiten.

Ob Fernsehen oder Radio, an Ihnen kommt derzeit keiner mehr vorbei. Auch wenn Sie mittlerweile in der Musikszene eine echte Hausnummer sind, so haben Sie die kleine Bühne nicht vergessen und sind z.B. regelmäßig als Houseband des Sam Kullman`s Diner in Regensburg live on stage zu bewundern.

Als Billy Dee & The Diner Chicks komponierte Mr. Guitar den ausgezeichneten Song "Feel Like Home", der speziell den American Diner's gewidmet ist und eine besondere Hommage an die Sam Kullman's Diner darstellt, in denen die Band große Erfolge feierte.

Mehr Bilder, mehr spannende Hintergründe... hier geht es lang!
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Mike Prince (Bassist for Laura Steel)

Mike Prince from Laura SteelMichael (Mike) Prince is the bassist for London based singer and songwriter Laura Steel.

Her first single "Feedback" was number 5 in the UK Commercial Club Chart and the official music video on Youtube has had nearly 30,000 views in just under 3 weeks, promising the single release to be very successful.

A skilled songwriter and lyricist, Laura writes the majority of her own material, and is fully involved in the creative process from designing her own artwork through to crafting her own unique personal style.

After playing bass for just 4 years Mike graduated with distinction in his Foundation Degree, and immediately after completing this he auditioned for the role of bassist with new upcoming London based singer / songwriter Laura Steel.

At that time in June 2010 Laura was confirmed to play at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park supporting the likes of Jay-Z, Friendly Fires, Slash, Eliza Doolittle and many more successful acts. The audition was successful and Mike is now a permanent member of her band, working with fellow Shropshire friend and guitarist, Conrad Snook. more