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Bass-Button 21-RU

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Bass-Button 21-RU


  • Model: M4W-Button
  • Finish: Ruthenium
  • g/pc.: 12,2
Item number
9,45 EUR


ArtNo. ModelFinishg/pc. GEWA-No. Price
M6 Small Metal-Button Nickel 7 SC506130 4.05 €
M6 Small Metal-Button Chrome 7 SC506132 4.05 €
M6 Small Metal-Button SatinChrome 7 SC506133 4.05 €
M6 Small Metal-Button BlackChrome 7 SC506134 5.40 €
M6 Small Metal-Button Gold 7 SC506136 5.40 €
M6 Small Metal-Button Ruthenium 7 SC506138 5.40 €
M6 Small Metal-Button SatinPearl 7 SC506131 4.05 €
M6 Small Metal-Button VintageCopper 7 SC506137 5.40 €
M6 Large Metal-Button Nickel 9 SC506150 4.05 €
M6 Large Metal-Button Chrome 9 SC506152 4.05 €
M6 Large Metal-Button SatinChrome 9 SC506153 4.05 €
M6 Large Metal-Button BlackChrome 9 SC506154 5.40 €
M6 Large Metal-Button Gold 9 SC506156 5.40 €
M6 Large Metal-Button Ruthenium 9 SC506158 5.40 €
M6 Large Metal-Button SatinPearl 9 SC506151 4.05 €
M6 Large Metal-Button VintageCopper 9 SC506157 5.40 €
M6 Small Perloid-Button Perloid 1 SC506120 5.40 €
M6 Large Perloid-Button Perloid 1,5 SC506122 5.40 €
M6 Small Ebony-Button Ebony 1 SC506190 5.40 €
M6 Large Ebony-Button Ebony 1,5 SC506192 5.40 €
11074700 M6 Small Galalith-Button Galalith 1 SC506196 5.40 €
11084700 M6 Large Galalith-Button Galalith 1,5 SC506198 5.40 €
11094800 M6 Small Polybone-Button Polybone 1 SC506206 5.40 €
11104800 M6 Large Polybone-Button Polybone 1,5 SC506208 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Button Nickel 12,6 SC506160 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Button Chrome 12,6 SC506162 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Button SatinChrome 12,6 SC506163 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Button BlackChrome 12,6 SC506164 8.10 €
M6 Vintage-Button Gold 12,6 SC506166 8.10 €
M6 Vintage-Button Ruthenium 12,6 SC506168 8.10 €
M6 Vintage-Button SatinPearl 12,6 SC506161 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Button VintageCopper 12,6 SC506167 8.10 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button Nickel 7,8 SC506140 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button Chrome 7,8 SC506142 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button SatinChrome 7,8 SC506143 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button BlackChrome 7,8 SC506144 8.10 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button Gold 7,8 SC506146 8.10 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button Ruthenium 7,8 SC506148 8.10 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button SatinPearl 7,8 SC506141 5.40 €
M6 Vintage-Step-Button VintageCopper 7,8 SC506147 8.10 €
M4W-Button Nickel 12,2 SC506230 6.75 €
M4W-Button Chrome 12,2 SC506232 6.75 €
M4W-Button SatinChrome 12,2 SC506233 6.75 €
M4W-Button BlackChrome 12,2 SC506234 9.45 €
M4W-Button Gold 12,2 SC506236 9.45 €
M4W-Button Ruthenium 12,2 SC506238 9.45 €
M4W-Button SatinPearl 12,2 SC506231 6.75 €
M4W-Button VintageCopper 12,2 SC506237 9.45 €
M4 Light-Button Nickel 3,8 SC506220 6.75 €
M4 Light-Button Chrome 3,8 SC506222 6.75 €
M4 Light-Button SatinChrome 3,8 SC506223 6.75 €
M4 Light-Button BlackChrome 3,8 SC506224 9.45 €
M4 Light-Button Gold 3,8 SC506226 9.45 €
M4 Light-Button Ruthenium 3,8 SC506228 9.45 €
M4 Light-Button SatinPearl 3,8 SC506221 6.75 €
M4 Light-Button VintageCopper 3,8 SC506227 9.45 €
B4-Button Perloid 2,6 SC506300 6.75 €
B4-Button Ebonite Black 2,5 SC506302 6.75 €
B4-Button Galalith 2,7 SC506304 6.75 €
B5-Button Perloid 2,9 SC506310 6.75 €
B5-Button Ebonite Black 3 SC506312 6.75 €
B5-Button Galalith 3 SC506314 6.75 €


Machine Heads combination

Here are all conceivable combinations of left and right tuning heads and the desired numbers of each which are available to order.
All machine heads and buttons can also be ordered individually.

Kopfplatte 2-2Kopfplatte 3-1Kopfplatte 3-2
Headstock 2-2Headstock 3-1Headstock 3-2
Kopfplatte 4-0Kopfplatte 4-1Kopfplatte 4-2
Headstock 4-0Headstock 4-1Headstock 4- 2
Kopfplatte 4-3Kopfplatte 5-0Kopfplatte 5-1
Headstock 4-3Headstock 5-0Headstock 5-1
Kopfplatte 5-2Kopfplatte 6-0Kopfplatte 6-1
Headstock 5-2Headstock 6-0Headstock 6-1
Kopfplatte 7-0Kopfplatte Les Paul
Headstock 7-0Headstock Les Paul



Here you will find some additional, useful information about our Schaller product catalog.


Measure specifications

All measurements in the product catalogue are given in mm (inch), unless a different unit of measurement is stated.


Technical drawings and operating instructions

We do not accept any liability for the correctness of the technical drawings. Prior to installation, please measure for yourself once more, so you can consider regular manufacturing tolerances.

Please note that the technical data can also vary slightly, depending on the surface color. This is due to the difference in the galvanic coating and the galvanic layering, which depends on the color (nickel, chrome etc).

The technical drawings can be printed on one page width. Should the technical drawings not fit on one page, however, please check your print page setup (note: they can be several pages long).



Machine Heads combination

Here are all conceivable combinations of left and right tuning heads and the desired numbers of each which are available to order.
All machine heads and buttons can also be ordered individually. All conceivable combinations are depicted here, irrespective of the type of guitar or bass.

Every other possible combination for 8-string / 12-string instruments etc. is also possible, of course.

The following machine heads can be easily mounted from left to right or interchangeably, from right to left: BM and BMF

For the sake of simplicity, the images show only one machine head of the relevant type, either as a left or right-side model. This means that a right-side machine head model may be depicted for the "6-in-line" combination; in such cases, however, the machine head can of course be ordered both as a left and right-side model.

Kopfplatte 2-2Kopfplatte 3-1Kopfplatte 3-2
Headstock 2-2Headstock 3-1Headstock 3-2
Kopfplatte 4-0Kopfplatte 4-1Kopfplatte 4-2
Headstock 4-0Headstock 4-1Headstock 4- 2
Kopfplatte 4-3Kopfplatte 5-0Kopfplatte 5-1
Headstock 4-3Headstock 5-0Headstock 5-1
Kopfplatte 5-2Kopfplatte 6-0Kopfplatte 6-1
Headstock 5-2Headstock 6-0Headstock 6-1
Kopfplatte 7-0Kopfplatte Les Paul
Headstock 7-0Headstock 3+3



FAQ10001 Can I also get machine heads in a 5/1 or 4/2 configuration?

For the sake of clarity, we have only illustrated the standard layouts. Naturally, every other combination (5/1, 4/2 etc.) can also be ordered via your retailer.

…in addition to this, individual machine heads, sets of buttons etc. can also be ordered.

FAQ10010 How can you tell the difference between left-side and right-side machine heads?
A simple way to tell the difference is to place a machine head in front of you so that the back of the housing is facing towards you and the button is pointing upwards. If the worm gear and button are then on the left of the housing, then it is a left-side machine head, e.g. as found on a Stratocaster.
FAQ10020 I know that you produce machine heads for many reputable manufacturers such as Fender, Gibson, PRS, etc. with their company logo. What can I do, if one of these machine heads breaks?
Unfortunately we are not allowed to provide you with a replacement part. Please contact the manufacturer directly. Alternatively, we can only recommend you to install a set of Schaller machine heads from your specialist dealer. Then you will always have 100% quality - since today, unfortunately, almost all manufacturers also use products with their logo from the Far East.
FAQ10030 Where can I find information on the required hole diameters on the head plate for Schaller machine heads?

On our website, under "Products/Product help/Guidelines", we have set up a table from which you can see the relevant measures for your machine heads.

Under "Products" and then in the detailed view you will of course find a detailed table for each of our products, showing the bore diameter in one of the columns.

The "Technical drawings" tab in the product details view gives you access to full technical drawings of the product in question, complete with all dimensions. These drawings can also be downloaded.

FAQ10040 Where can I find information on the different mounting options of your machine heads (screw lug, pin, etc.)?

On our website, under "Products/Product help/Guidelines", we have set up a table from which you can see the respective designs.

FAQ10050 What do I need to consider when using Schaller machine heads "6 in line" for my left-handed guitar?
Please order 6 right or 6 left machine heads, depending on your preference and the arrangement on the head plate.
FAQ10060 Which are the methods available for mounting Schaller machine heads onto the head plate?

There are 3 methods:

  1. Fastening with screws with or without thrust bearing;
  2. Fastening with screws and banjo bold. Here, the banjo bolt is an additional fastening and thrust bearing at the same time.
  3. Fastening only with banjo bolt and pin.

The pin or pins (2 in our Fender machine heads) are only used to prevent machine head twisting. See also the reference table under Products/Product help/Guidlines.

FAQ10065 In your product catalog, what does the transmission ratio mean for the machine heads?
If, for example, you have a machine head with a transmission ratio of 1:16, this means that you will have to turn the button 16 times to turn the adjusting axis once.
FAQ10070 After several years of use my machine heads are hard to turn; what can I do?

We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Change the mounting screw of the button.
  2. Check the plastic or wave washer at the button for wear and renew if required.
  3. With the machine heads closed, carefully oil with light precision mechanics oil at the shaft or gears, with the machine heads open, carefully oil the mechanical parts.
FAQ10080 I saw machine heads bearing the "S" from Schaller and "Made in Germany" on the D-Tuner device from the U.S. company Hipshot. How's that?
We produce the machine heads for Hipshot, while Hipshot produces the "D-Tuner" itself, but the machine heads are original Schaller parts.
FAQ10100 I have seen "I", "II" und "III" symbols or markings on the inside of the Schaller machine heads. What do they mean?
These markings have no significance at all for you or for the function of the Schaller machine head. For us they designate the individual machine molds so that we are better able to isolate the cause of a problem in the event of a material defect. Of course, no product leaves the Schaller premises without having been checked and approved by our multi-stage quality control.
FAQ10110 Can I modify machine heads myself and, if yes, which ones in order to to be able to use left machine heads as right machine heads and vice versa?
This is only possible in isolated cases with some bass machine heads. We do not generally recommend such practices, however, because the product specifics are usually not taken into consideration and this can lead to defective assembly.
FAQ10120 I need machine heads for my concert guitar with a 36mm wave washer and not the normal 35mm. What do I do?
In this particular case we recommend you use our GrandTune, M6 or M6 Mini machine heads without the base plate. This way you have high quality machine heads and can select the shaft distance as you wish. You can use shafts for steel or nylon strings.
FAQ10130 I am looking for "Reverse Headstock" machine heads, and instead of the normal 6 left, I need 6 right machine heads. Where can I get them?

Please simply order them from a specialist dealer. We can easily supply any combination, including 6 right machine heads (please see under Products/Product help/Guidelines).

FAQ10140 How exactly is the Schaller Banjo tension peg B4 adjustable?

It works like a D-tuner. You tune a note, setting it with a knurled thumb screw. With the second knurled thumb screw you adjust the required deeper string note. When you loosen the 1st knurled thumb screw the machine head then automatically turns to the second set note.

Please find more information in the productdetails of our B4 D-Tuner.

FAQ10150 What does Schaller recommend for cleaning the tarnished tuning buttons on chrome-plated bass machine heads?
A difficult one: give it a careful try with a chrome polish. If the buttons are already too heavily tarnished, usually due to hand perspiration, then replacement is the only option.
FAQ10160 How do the Schaller clamp machine heads / locking tuners work?

These function like normal tuners but you do not need to wrap the strings around the shaft at the beginning. You position the string in the shaft hole with the clamp screw loosened, shorten the string approx. 10 mm behind the shaft, clamp the string with the clamp screw and tune the string (please see under Service/Lexicon).

FAQ10170 How can I clean Schaller BM Light machine heads with plastic housing?
Our plastic is reinforced with carbon fiber, so you can clean them using car polish or key oil.
FAQ10180 I have two sets of Schaller machine heads, but I have realized that the buttons are of different sizes.
Our tuning heads are fitted as standard with large buttons for 3/3 configuration and small buttons for 6-in-line configuration.
FAQ10190 Can I fit a set of Schaller "mini" machine heads with the buttons from a set of normal-sized machine heads?
Yes, you can do that - the shaft has the same diameter, so you just need a longer screw. However, you need to pay attention to the appearance and to the spacing between the machine heads, which they require in order to turn and which obviously becomes smaller.
FAQ10220 Are the screws supplied for fixing the buttons to the housing the same color as the buttons?
In general yes, except in cases such as bicolor products or ebony buttons.
FAQ10230 I have fitted Schaller M6 locking machine heads to a Gibson headstock which is very thick; the problem is that the shaft with the hole only protrudes very slightly. What can I do about this?
In such cases, please order our Schaller M6 2000 locking machine heads with the special shaft length, which is 21mm rather than 18.5 or 19.5mm (staggered).
FAQ10240 Can I use steel strings with Schaller's acoustic guitar machine heads?

Yes, you can. Our machine heads are designed for this purpose. Please use either the Gibson or Emberger-type shaft (see Products/Guideline). For our nylon shafts, we recommend using nylon or gut strings.

FAQ10260 Do Schaller's sealed/enclosed machine heads need to be oiled from time to time?

All sealed tuners are lubricated with Schaller special grease, for a lifetime of maintenance-free service

FAQ10270 I have a MusicMan bass machine head produced by Schaller, and the shaft is slightly shorter than the original Schaller BM bass machine head. Can I replace the shaft?

Yes, you can use the Music Man shaft with buttons on the Schaller bass machine head and vice-versa, i.e. you can use the slightly longer Schaller shafts on the Music Man bass machine head.