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Unser Artist und Endorser Vaja

Schaller Artist VajaVajas einzigartiger Stil schafft eine eigene Kategorie. Sie kombiniert Alternative Rock mit Melodien, die die Zeitlosigkeit ihrer Musik einfangen.

Mit der Einladung von Adrian Young von "No Doubt", ihre EP "Awakened By Silence" einzuspielen, ging für Vaja ein Traum in Erfüllung. Dadurch kam Vajas musikalische Karriere nun richtig in Schwung. Der dramatische Hit "Drowning" ist die neueste Auskopplung aus ihrer Debüt-EP.

Seitdem geht es für Vaja stetig aufwärts, und langsam öffnet sich ihre einzigartige und fesselnde Klangwelt ihren begeisterten Fans.

Ihren Blick fest in die Zukunft gerichtet, kombiniert Vaja alles, was sie wesentlich beeinflusst hat, und formt so ihren ganz eigenen Stil. "Mein Ziel ist es, eine vielseitige Musik zu schaffen, die auf der ganzen Welt verstanden wird."

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Vaja auf Youtube

      Vaja sings "National Anthem" at Lakers vs. Pacers Game

Schaller Artist VajaSchaller Artist Vaja
Schaller Artist VajaSchaller Artist VajaSchaller Artist Vaja


Vaja's unique style of sound elevates her into a category all of its own. A hybrid of alternative rock with melodic hooks, Vaja captures the essence of electronic etherealism in her music. Born a rock child of the '80's in Tacoma, Washington and later growing up in Carmel, Indiana, her proud and diverse ethnicity stems from her African-American Father, a military full Colonel in the Army and her Asian & Hawaiian mother. At the age of 12, Vaja came face to face with her destiny when her mother took her to see "Metallica" perform at the Indianapolis Hoosier Dome. Mesmerized by this experience ignited her passion for guitar and rock music. This moment in time marked Vaja's indispensable characteristic and core to her inner being as a recording artist.

Vaja's educational and early stages of her career began in Central Florida. She received a Soccer scholarship at Stetson University, but soon realized there was no future for her in the sport anymore. Vaja subsequently studied theater at "The Valencia Character Company" in Orlando, FL and later trained at prominent acting schools such as "Stella Adler Conservatory for Actors" and "Carter Thor Studio" in Los Angeles, CA. Traveling gave her a wealth of experiences and diverse personalities to draw upon, while developing her acting skills. Taking a leap of faith by following her dreams in music & acting, Vaja moved to Miami, FL.

South Beach has seen this "diamond in the rough" perform at premier clubs: Mansion, B.E.D., Crobar, Opium Garden, Grass Lounge and Pearl to name a few. She was invited to perform for the entertainment industry's Playstation 2, Intele-Card, MOBE, AIDS 501c3s and Billboard R&B Hip Hop Conference events. Vaja performed in front of 40,000 music fans at the annual outdoor electronic "Ultra Music Festival." Inspired by this massive and life-changing experience, she made the big move to Los Angeles, CA to further her career.

In 2007, Vaja released her critically acclaimed Debut EP "Awakened By Silence" featuring drummer Adrian Young of "No Doubt." She has headlined the House of Blues, Viper Room, Whisky a Go Go and the Key Club on the famous Sunset Strip. As a result of her stellar performances, Joel Selvin, Senior Pop Music Critic, San Francisco Chronicle best described Vaja as, "A bronze goddess with a big guitar & a voice that cuts like a knife." But it was the release of her Debut EP that revealed her self-taught dexterity on guitar, lyrical depth and her emotional vocal range that has awakened industry insiders with her captivating sound, creating an intensified buzz thatʼs thrusting her to the forefront of LA's rock scene.

Vaja has been featured in numerous U.S. and International Magazines all over the world and she is sponsored by PRS Guitars, Mesa Boogie, Schaller Electronic, Guitar Center, Levy's Leatherʼs, Dunlop and Coffin Case. Guitar Centerʼs Director of Artist Relations, Dave Weiderman, has acknowledged the progressive rocker to be so recognizable that framed posters of the bronze-skinned beauty grace the interior décor of new Guitar Center's across the nation, hanging next to posters of other famous rock stars.

In 2009, Vaja appeared on the Frosty, Heidi & Frank Show for CBS Radio 97.1 Free FM and was selected as the stations #1 choice to perform at the popular show's "9th Birthday Battle of the Bands Bash" at the Groove of Anaheim. Later that year she became part of an elite group of skydivers including former U.S. President George W. Bush and comedian Bill Murray, among other notables, after completing her first jump with the U.S. Army "Golden Knights" Parachute Team.

Alternative music fans can expect her next album to be "electronic," though she'll remain true to her roots by adding a touch of rock with mild melodic riffs on the guitar. As all artists must evolve, Vaja is the new paradigm of recording artists who crossover into film & television to broaden their appeal as multimedia artists. In 2012, Director Paul W.S. Anderson offered Vaja to be the Voice of the Umbrella Corporation in the 3D sci-fi action feature film "Resident Evil: Retribution," starring Milla Jovovich.

"Whether she attains that elevated status or not, sheʼs an innovative work in progress," according to respected rock journalist, Lonn Friend. The world will soon know Vaja for more than just music. Her journey has just begun...

Vaja 2012

Vaja and Dr. Lars Bünning at Schaller booth NAMM 2012Vaja 2012 Grammy Awards


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Vaja and Lars 2013 NAMM


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Vaja 2013
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