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Get your free technical drawings, user instructions, installation instructions and wiring diagrams here.
  • TZ=Technical Drawings with all measurements
  • BA=Operating and mounting instructions for all products
  • TA-EB=Operating and mounting instructions for pickups
  • TA-SP=Wiring diagram for pickups

Technical drawings

    User instructions

      Installation instructions

        Wiring diagrams

          Technical drawings

          Our technical drawings include the dimensions of all our products, so you can easily see which Schaller products will best fit your instrument.

          Here is an example of a technical drawing:

          Technische Zeichnung Schaller Steg Hannes



          Descriptions and installation instructions

          The descriptions and installation instructions provided for our pickups explain the tonal qualities of the pickup, the technical data and the various options for installing it on your instrument.

          Here is an example of the description and installation instructions for a pickup:

          Tonabnehmerbeschreibung Schaller Pickup S6



          Our pickup circuit diagrams show you, in a simple and clear way, how to install and connect our pickups on your own instrument.

          The following connection templates are currently available for electric guitar:

          "Stratocaster" type:

          • Three single coils - "S-S-S"
          • One humbucker (bridge) and two single coils (middle and neck) - H-S-S
          • Two humbuckers - H-H
          • Two humbuckers (neck and bridge) and one single coil (middle) H-S-H

          Other standard guitar types:

          • "Telecaster" type
          • One single coil and one humbucker - S-H or H-S
          • "Gibson" type
          • Electric guitars with active pickups

          Electric bass guitars

          • "Precision Bass" type
          • "Jazz Bass" type
          • "PJ" type
          • Electric bass guitars with humbuckers
          • Electric bass guitars with active pickups

          Here is an example of a circuit diagram:

          Schaller Tonabnehmerschaltpläne