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I build guitars; where can I buy Schaller products?

Through any specialist dealer who can order any product from our wholesalers on demand. Starting from a certain minimum order quantity, we will deliver to you direct.

Generally, the minimum order value is 1,000 Euros, otherwise the costs for shipping, bank fees etc. are too high. In such cases, it is mostly cheaper for you to order from our wholesalers (contact/wholesalers) or, for very small quantities, from your specialist dealer.

A list of Schaller wholesalers, who will be happy to help you, can be found under "Contact / Wholesalers" (listed by country). Please also feel free to take a look at our index of specialist dealers, which can be found under "Contact / Specialist Dealers" or under "Contact / Guitar Makers".

In some countries, we have no wholesaler agreement to date. However, this doesn't mean that you have to do without our Schaller products!

Please order online at our Schaller Shop directly from us.

You can use our online store in every country in the world.

Our recommended retail prices are also available under "products", there in the productdetails of each product the tab "versions".