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How long will I have to wait for my Schaller products?

When you order in our Schaller Shop we send within one week. Please consider up to 5 days for UPS.

In most cases, no longer than a week, and at most one month. Our wholesalers usually have everything in stock or will order from us for you. Our premium wholesalers - sole distributors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Japan and Canada - always have all Schaller products in stock in sufficient quantities, meaning that your specialist dealer will get your desired Schaller products within a few days.

All other wholesalers have the most frequently sold items ready in stock for immediate supply to specialist dealers. Should this not be the case, then we normally deliver to our wholesalers on a monthly basis, meaning that you will have to wait 4-6 weeks at most. Please be aware that your specialist dealer will be ordering from a wholesaler, who in turn will be ordering from us. Unfortunately, on occasion, there are no orders placed with us at all.

As soon as an order does reach us, it is processed immediately. We will generally have everything in the factory warehouse or will produce an item within one week, meaning that the process will usually take no longer than 2-3 weeks, including time for transport to the wholesaler.