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Vaja Debuts New Single

Vaja has announced that she will release her new single 'We Found Love' on August 28th 2013. Produced by Vaja, Eduardo Moises & Parlange Jesus, 'We Found Love' is one of five new tracks included on her second EP 'Inertia' which will be released sometime in December of 2013 and will feature collaborations with Katipzade and other established Artistʼs & Producers.

Schaller Original F-Series

Not like the original - it's THE ORIGINAL!

Schaller Original F-Series

Not like the original - it's THE ORIGINAL!

Schaller Original F-Series

Not like the original - it's THE ORIGINAL!

Schaller Original G-Series

Not like the original - it's THE ORIGINAL!

Schaller Megaswitches (10.05.2013)

Schaller Megaswitches

The finest pickup selector switch on the market. Period.

Smooth feel and flawless operation along with outstanding longevity and easy installation.

Choose from 6 different models each with its unique and powerful wiring options.

Available as 3- or 5-way including noise-free contacts in heavy-duty Schaller quality.

Schaller Da Vinci Bass (10.05.2013)

Schaller Da Vinci Bass

Inspired by prestigious jewelry the all new Da Vinci Bass is state-of-the-art technology in an elegant dress.

Experience how Schaller‘s bold design and outstanding performance will set your instrument apart.

20:1 gear ratio and 8 genuine Schaller finishes make for a future classic while tuning stability and Schaller‘s proverbial quality will give any bass a unique Da Vinci upgrade.

Schaller M4 Light (10.05.2013)

Schaller M4 Light

Experience the lighter side of heavy duty.

M4 Light - legendary Schaller quality at a stunning 40% less weight.

M4 specs, looks and superior performance define this tuner as a true.

no-compromise where weight reduction is essential.

Trusted 20:1 gear ratio along with 8 genuine Schaller finishes make this tuning machine a dream come true for any serious bass maker.

Schaller tremolos lefty

Schaller presents new tremolos for left-handed musicians.

Our tried-and-tested, high-quality Schaller, Vintage and Les Paul tremolos are now available for left-handed musicians.

New S94 pickup (10.05.2013)

Schaller Pickup S94

This pickup for electric guitars is a superior alternative to the usual single-coil types known as P94s. It picks up the strings using a single point similar to a single-coil type of pickup, which means that undesirable frequency gaps (due to phase cancellations) characteristic of humbuckers do not arise.

Its two coils are configured in a special way that makes it completely buzz-free. Thanks to its resin casting it has a minimal microphone effect.

This means it is ideal for recording studio work where noise reduction is a top priority. It delivers a full, mid-rich sound and can be used to play a broad range of genres such as pop, blues, jazz and rock.

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