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Guitarist Prashant Aswani


Prashant Aswani is most known for his virtuoso guitar playing. What separates him from others in this genre is Aswani's songwriting and production. Prashant's brilliant sense of melody and rhythm come from his Indian background playing Tabla and of course Guitar.

After Prashant finished Berklee College of Music he recorded his first solo album entitled "Revelation" produced by Greg Howe. Revelation was released in Europe by Virtuoso Records and Japan by SoundHolic where he later toured in support.

Aswani has recorded and performed with many others including Justin Timberlake, Christina Milian, Herbie Hancock, Jose Pasillas II, Rhonda Smith, Darryl Diaz, Greg Howe, Ronu Majumdar, George Lynch, Steve Gadd, Greg Bissonnette, Lee Sklar, Danny Nucci to name a few.

Prashant has gone on to record a total of 4 solo albums, 2 of which he self produced. His most recent release in 2013 entitled "Visions" featuring Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas II.

In addition, Aswani is signed to Lakeshore Entertainment where his first soundtrack entitled "Frequency" was released in May 2012. Currently, he is recording a new solo album featuring Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas II and Bassist Rhonda Smith (Jeff Beck, Prince) due for release spring 2014. His versatility as a writer continues with his work on TV music for Calm and Composed.

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