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Megaswitch P

You can use Megaswitch P for the following switching positions:



With this switching type, a combination of coils is obtainable which some PRS guitars produce using a rotary switch:

1. bridge Humbucker
2. outer coils parallel
3. inner coils in series
4. inner coils parallel
5. neck Humbucker

The Megaswitch P was specially developed for this purpose. Whereby all positions are meant to be buzz-free, the magnetic polarity of the coils must be NS-NS or SN-SN. This is the case on PRS guitars; here the neck and bridge pickups are poled differently from a magnetic perspective. In the event that in standard types the screw side should be the outer one and that buzz-free sound is required in all positions, the magnet in one of the two pickups must be turned.

 Schaller Megaswitch P

Schaller Megaswitch P

Schaller Megaswitch P