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New Schaller Signum bridge

Designed to boost your guitar’s sound, playability and looks.

Introducing the all new Schaller Signum locking bridge. 
Designed to boost your guitar's sound, playability and looks.

  • Special design locking studs for tight connection and perfect sound coupling
  • Superb tonal definition by state-of-the-art string saddle shaping
  • Perfect natural resonance resulting in rich dynamics, sustain and overtones
  • Top surface elements designed for unparalleled playing comfort
  • Vast intonation space of 9 mm string saddle travel
  • Meticulously designed break and pressure angles
  • Optimized string-through-bridge routing for effortless restringing
  • Rectangular ballend retainer holes to prevent untwisting ballends
  • Elegance and versatility for all guitar styles
  • Weight: 91g
  • Weight incl. locking studs and bushings: 131 g

Schaller Signum bridge

  • ergonomically shaped Signum wrench for trouble-free locking
  • two different lengths Allen screws for flawless visual appearance
Available in Nickel, Chrome, SatinChrome, BlackChrome, Gold, Ruthenium, SatinPearl and VintageCopper

Schaller Signum bridge


Schaller Signum bridge



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