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Tremolo LockMeister™ 7-strings right

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Tremolo LockMeister™ 7-strings right

As the sole manufacturer of the world‘s most renowned double locking tremolo we felt it was time to push the envelope.

Proudly introducing the new Schaller LockMeister Tremolo!

Along with Schaller‘s famed precision the new LockMeister Tremolo offers a second to none C45-steel ground plate, forged and hardened in Germany, resulting in improved sound and sustain as well as superior tremolo performance and intonation.

New technologies enabled us to craft all components in unprecedented tolerances giving the Schaller LockMeister Tremolo a sublime level of workmanship and longterm quality.

But our attention to detail did not stop here. Performing meticulous assessments made us identify the perfect choice of pivot screws and tremolo springs.

Through more rigorous testing we learned how all burnished surfaces were prone to corrosion. That‘s why all studs, inserts and screws of our new Schaller LockMeister Tremolo now feature black-zinc and black-chrome finishes for improved look, touch and durability.

All this resulting in our world famous Schaller longevity.

Experience the new Schaller LockMeister Tremolo and hear for yourself – and for your music!

This is why we say with great confidence:
                                                        Schaller LockMeister Tremolo
                                                            beyond your expectations

  • All tremolo systems are supplied complete with nut, string retainers, springs, height adjustment screws, Allen wrench and mounting accessories.
  • We supply tremolo blocks in heights of 32, 37 and 42mm. (standard: 42mm)
  • When ordering, please specify the required block length and nut.
  • Shorter string locking screws are also available on request.
  • Radius 12 inch.

Special studs with additional inserts are used to mount the tremolo onto the instrument. The inserts have a fine thread. We also supply studs with threads which enable the studs to be specify screwed into the wood body of the instrument directly, i.e. without inserts.

The dimensions of our Tremolo LockMeister are exactly the same as the dimensions of both the Floyd Rose Tremolo and our Schaller Tremolo. You can easily replace your Floyd Rose Tremolo or your Schaller Tremolo with our new LockMeister Tremolo.
This also applies to all replacement parts!

String lock inserts

The back of the string lock inserts is numbered with 0,1 and 2.

  • 0 is for the D and G strings,
  • 1 is for the A and B strings and the number
  • 2 is for both E strings.

Technical drawing

To view the complete technical drawing, please use the download file.

Note: Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files correctly!


Technical drawing

Note: Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files correctly!

Here you will find some additional, useful information about our Schaller product catalog.


Measure specifications

All measurements in the product catalogue are given in mm (inch), unless a different unit of measurement is stated.


Technical drawings and operating instructions

We do not accept any liability for the correctness of the technical drawings. Prior to installation, please measure for yourself once more, so you can consider regular manufacturing tolerances.

Please note that the technical data can also vary slightly, depending on the surface color. This is due to the difference in the galvanic coating and the galvanic layering, which depends on the color (nickel, chrome etc).

The technical drawings can be printed on one page width. Should the technical drawings not fit on one page, however, please check your print page setup (note: they can be several pages long).


Bolt- and Screwdistance

Specifics of distance and size in mm (inch):

The functional dimensions of our tremolos in mm (inch) are given in the table below:

TremolosBolt-/ScrewdistanceSleeve gauge
LockMeister™74,3 (2,925)

10 (0,3937)

Schaller74,3 (2,925)

10 (0,3937)

Schaller Lefthand74,3 (2,925)10 (0,3937)
Vintage74,3 (2,925)

10 (0,3937)

Vintage Lefthand74,3 (2,925)10 (0,3937)
Tremolo 200056,0 (2,2047)

10 (0,3937)

Les Paul™74,3 (2,925)

10 (0,3937)

Les Paul™ Lefthand74,3 (2,925)10 (0,3937)

Our height adjusting screws are always identical and can be used on all Schaller tremolos including our LP tremolo.


Schaller Tremolo Nuts

You can find the relevant product numbers in the respective columns with the surface details. The tremolo radius is 12 inches and the nut 10 inches (besides R9 and R10).


ModelWidthStringspacing E-eE-AA-DD-GG-HH-e
R8 (R4/2)42,836,67,67,47,47,27,0

All dimensions in mm.


Here in inch:

ModelWidthStringspacing E-eE-AA-DD-GG-HH-e
R8 (R4/2)1,68501,44090,29920,29130,29130,28350,2756


 Dimensions for the height (in mm)
ModelNeckHeadstockNut heightinstallation neckside



trussrod cutout
R8 (R4/2)9,05,93,15,910No

 Here in inch:

ModelNeckHeadstockNut heightinstallation necksideRadiustrussrod cutout
R8 (R4/2)0,35430,23230,12200,232310No


Tremolo Arms

Here, you can find an overview of the tremolo arms used, including thread diameters.

Tremoloswith knob
without knob
knife edge
Schaller LefthandXyes
Vintage LefthandXno
Tremolo 2000Xyes
Les Paul™Xno
Les Paul™ LefthandXno


Allen Key

The following table shows you which Allen keys you should use (mm and inch):


Allen keys (mm)













Schaller Lefthand2,53,0-0,09840,1181-








Vintage Lefthand1,52,53,00,05910,09840,1181

Tremolo 2000







Les Paul™------
Les Paul™ Lefthand------


Dimensions and adjustment options

Here, you can find an overview of the three-dimensional adjustment options for our Schaller tremolos.
Specifics in mm:
HeightStringspacing E-eIntonation


Schaller Lefthand

Vintage Lefthand
Tremolo 20005,353,53,5
Les Paul52,55,5
Les Paul Lefthand


 Here in inch:

HeightStringspacing E-eIntonation


Schaller Lefthand

Vintage Lefthand0,177221,060,4724
Tremolo 20000,208721,060,1378
Les Paul20,670,2165
Les Paul Lefthand


String lock inserts

The back of the string lock inserts is numbered with 0,1 and 2.

What do these mean?

The numbers are used to ensure that the string lock inserts are mounted to the tremolo base plate in the right order.
0 is for the D and G strings, 1 is for the A and B strings and the number 2 is for both E strings.

 Installation Instructions for LP Tremolo (Download)

Schaller Installation Instructions for LP Tremolo





FAQ30060 What is the difference between the R3 and R4 nuts?

Some nuts have the same width dimensions but different designations. The different designations are useful because, although the width dimensions are the same, the pitch is different (see Technical Drawings in the product catalog under Nuts). Please see for further information under "guidelines".

FAQ30070 How can I move the bridge saddles on a Schaller tremolo in order to set the intonation?
We supply the appropriate Allen key, which can be used to easily adjust the back parts on the nut.
FAQ30080 How do I need to install a Schaller Sure Claw?

This is very simple: screw the Schaller Sure Claw into the guitar body in place of the spring claw, then re-attach the springs. You can then adjust the spring tension as you want it through a small hole in the cover plate (please drill this yourself) without having to take the cover off every time. 

Further images can be found in the product catalog "Sure Claw" under "Pictures".

FAQ30100 How can I tighten the Schaller clamp saddles / nuts for the tremolo? Which screws are supplied with it?
Along with the tremolos and nuts, we supply wood screws and steel screws / Allen screws, so you can choose how to attach the nuts yourself i.e. either from the top or from underneath. The nuts are also specially designed so that you can use wood or steel screws without carrying out any modifications whatsoever.
FAQ30110 How can I attach a Schaller tremolo? Which screws are supplied with it?
Essentially, special studs are used to attach the tremolo, together with their own inserts. These have a fine thread. For special applications, we also supply studs with threads which can be screwed directly into the wooden body (i.e. without inserts).
FAQ30120 Are different spring sizes used in Schaller tremolos?
No. The spring sizes on our tremolo systems are optimized and, in general, fit precisely. Please vary the number of springs used in order to obtain the required spring tension.
FAQ30130 Are the same knife edges used for different Schaller tremolos?
Yes. The only difference is between left and right knife edges.
FAQ30160 The Schaller tremolos have a 12" radius, and the locking nuts a 10" radius. Is it the same for the Floyd Rose tremolos that Schaller also produces?
This is related to the taper of the fingerboard and has, in all previous experience, resulted in optimal playing properties. 12" and 10" measurements are the most frequently used sizes in the guitar industry.
FAQ30200 I bought the Schaller LP tremolo and found out that the pitch is too high. What do I need to do?

This tremolo is a little more difficult to use due to its missing tremolo block and the fact that the springs can not be adjusted. Therefore please use the tremolo slowly only. To change the pitch please turn down the height adjustment screws as far as possible. If the string tension is not sufficient to balance the tremolo, you might try to remove or replace the middle tension spring. Everything depends on the string thickness, as well (ask guitar maker).

A detailed installation drawing can be found under "Guidelines".

FAQ30215 Does the Schaller LP tremolo travel in both directions (up and down)?
Yes, it does. Our Schaller Assembly Tremolo LP was specially developed for simple replacement of the original bridge on Les Paul guitars. Please use this tremolo in accorance with the design i.e. carefully. Incidentally, all Schaller tremolos travel in both directions.
FAQ30220 What is the base plate supplied with the Schaller LP-Tremolo used for?

The base plate is used to earth the tremolo, i.e. to avoid disturbing interference. If you are making the change from a combination such as our Schaller stop-tailpiece and a GTM bridge to the LP tremolo, please proceeed as follows: Place the LP tremolo in place of GTM bridge and connect it together with the base plate to the stop-tailpiece.

A detailed installation drawing can be found under "Guidelines".

FAQ30225 Are there different spring sizes for the Schaller LP Tremolo and if so, how can I change them?

There is just one spring size. We established this after an extensive testing phase. With this spring size, the LP tremolo remains in position, stable and level, when the tremolo is used normally.

FAQ30226 What is the spring strength of the Schaller LP tremolo?

The strength of the spring is 1mm.

FAQ30230 Is there a difference in the baseplate between the Schaller tremolo and the Floyd Rose II tremolo?
No, the dimensions and the material are identical.
FAQ30240 What material do you use to make the Schaller tremolo blocks?

Schaller's "LockMeister" and "Schaller" tremolo blocks are made of brass, and the "Vintage" and "2000" blocks are made of zinc.

FAQ30250 How can I remove the knife edges on my guitar to replace them with new ones, when fitting a Schaller tremolo?

When fitting the "Schaller Tremolo" or the "Schaller Low Profile" to your guitar, you can simply pull out the knife edges with a pliers and push the new ones into the insertion slot.

FAQ30260 The back of the string lock inserts is numbered with 0,1 and 2.
What do these mean?

The numbers are used to ensure that the string lock inserts are mounted to the tremolo base plate in the right order. 0 is for the D and G strings, 1 is for the A and B strings and the number 2 is for both E strings.

FAQ30270 I need a new tremolo arm for a really old Schaller tremolo. Can I replace my old tremolo arm with one of the current models?

Yes. No problem at all! Our new tremolo arms fit all of our old Schaller tremolos.