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Helmut Schaller`s Vision

How it all started...

Familie SchallerIt was in 1945, just after the war, in a small Franconian workshop in Feucht, near Nuremberg, that Helmut Schaller (born 1923) began utilizing his excellent craftsmanship to realize a vision: his very own company.

He began manufacturing and - of particular importance at this time - repairing radio sets. As Feucht became a US forces base after the war (and into the 90s), it wasn’t long before Helmut Schaller’s interest in America was awakened, and he became close friends of the occupiers of post-war Germany.

Like many young Germans, he was soon on his way to the land of unlimited opportunities. As early as the 1950s, he was criss-crossing the Atlantic (something many Germans could only dream of), seeking inspiration and ideas for his own company.

The triumphant advance of rock'n roll in the 50s and 60s inspired him so profoundly that he no longer wished merely to listen to this music - he wanted to make it too. Unfortunately he was just an average musician but, thankfully, a brilliant technician. Unable to play the guitar like Les Paul (whom he was soon to meet personally), Helmut Schaller set out to play his part by giving this music more sound - even if only indirectly.

Schaller: now a trademark!

Schaller hardware was born, and was soon to experience its very own triumphant advance in the USA. Every guitar worth it’s salt, whether manufactured by Fender, Gibson, Ovation, Paul Reed Smith, CF Martin or Ernie Ball, was soon to be equipped with hardware by Helmut Schaller. Professional and amateur musicians alike hold the benefits of Schaller Electronic in the highest esteem. If a guitar doesn’t have Schaller components, you can be sure that musician will be added them himself very soon.

Grete und Helmut SchallerAlongside his technical skills, Helmut Schaller had a further talent - a keen sense of the aims and needs of other people. With his honest, direct and sometimes rather harsh nature, he soon won the trust and friendship of numerous music industry names. Joined by his son, René, in the mid-70s, the two soon turned this already well-established company into the worlds leading manufacturer of guitar hardware. Meanwhile, approximately 130 employees are working hard to produce these world famous, high-quality products.

In 1998, René Schaller was tragically killed in a car accident. Our founding father, Helmut Schaller, died a short time afterwards, in the spring of 1999. His wife, Grete Schaller, continued managing the company with her staff, right up until her death in April, 2007. In August 2006, despite serious illness, she changed the firm into a limited company (GmbH).

Dr. Lars Bünning has been the managing director of the company since December of 2006. He acquired the majority share of the company from the Schaller family in January of 2009, and has been acting as managing director and owner since then. In February 2010, Dr. Lars Bünning took over as chairman of the Schaller Trust.


About us


GalvanikCraftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques are essential for meeting the high standards we and our customers set for our products. All individual components are machined in-house, from zinc die-casting to lathe turning to precious-metal surface treatment. A team of qualified experts is responsible for the delicate assembly work. Whether craftsmanship or mechanical high-tech - Schaller stands for the highest quality, right down to the smallest detail.

For more than 60 years, Schaller has been serving both classical and modern music worlds. In recent years, our product portfolio has oriented itself away from orchestral electronics and more towards string instrument hardware.Mechanik

Our products are used by industrial manufacturers as well as by traditional instrument craftsmen worldwide. Last but not least, it’s musicians who use Schaller components to get the most out of their instruments.

Our quality standards demand experience, commitment and team spirit within our own ranks, and a continuous exchange of ideas with the end user. Combining proprietary innovations with the needs of our customers has always been part of the Schaller tradition. Many of our products are protected by Schaller patents.